License for free use of the texture pack

Basic Provisions

  1. The license certifies the right to use the author’s development of the package of MCTPMS textures by third-party users.
  2. MCTPMS is a free set of files used to change the game textures of blocks, objects, mobs, and interfaces, and has no limitations in using by date or functionality.
  3. This License applies exclusively to MCTPMS (previously RPackMG) resources.

Terms of use

  1. The developer provides in the untimely use of texture packages for work at the discretion of users.
  2. The number of downloads available to one user is not limited. With the exception of the moments when the developer completely discontinued the publication of the material.
  3. Access to the developer’s materials in electronic form is provided through the Internet.

Not allowed

  1. Distribute the textures, issuing them as their own.
  2. Distribute the package or textures of content for commercial purposes.

User Responsibility

  1. Users who violated these Rules of the License and caused damage to developers compensate for it in the following order: in case of loss of profit or harm to the interests of developers, users are obliged to compensate them in the amount of the estimated cost of time and financial costs, if any, and, if compensation is impossible, to compensate their indexed The cost is 10 times the size.
  2. Users of the texture package can bear other responsibility in cases provided by the current legislation and these Rules.

Use these rules to protect our work.

  1. If you want to be sure that you are downloading a genuine and protected product, download it from the original page: (previously For all materials downloaded from other Internet resources, the developer does not bear responsibility.
  2. If you see this package of textures on a third-party resource, please report to
  3. If you do not have or do not display the texture package correctly, you can contact customer support at one of the following addresses:,

It’s important

Some blocks and objects presented in the package of textures MCTPMS were borrowed from other resources as the best and most suitable for personal use by players.

  1. All rights to these textures are protected by copyright and belong to their owners.
  2. The user can copy, distribute, study the structure, modify and modify the source files at his discretion.

With the release of RPackMG_v.2.5.3 Beta and Pm_v.0.4N modifications: MRPack_128x_v.1.1.0, v.1.1.5, v.1.5.3, v.1.7.0, v.1.9.7, v.2.3.8 , V.2.5.0, v.2.5.1_tMA; MRPack__64х_v.0.1.0; Pm_v.0.2N is no longer available for download!

Updating the texture pack to version 1.18

Change of license of January 28, 2022