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mctpms v1.18.1

By MGPlay

MCTPMS – a new pack of realistic textures with 3D block models for Minecraft 1.18.x with a resolution of 128×128. It contains many textures from the previous “RPackMG” packs with some changes and additions especially for the latest version of the game 1.18.1.

RPackMG v2.7.0

By Madeas Gaming

Realistic Pack 128×128 v2.7.0 with detailed textures, designed for those who want more complex survival. With him, hostile mobs will be disguised, and zombie villagers will be much harder to distinguish from ordinary villagers. What’s new in the RPackMG v2.7.0? This time we decided to go the other way and divided the package into several…

RPackMG Reloading Classic

By Madeas Gaming

RPackMG Reloading Classic Resource Pack 1.12.2/1.11.2 for Minecraft is a 32×32 format. This pack is made with the style of the Middle Ages or what we call medieval. So, that’s how your world will be based on. Mostly, the tones of the colors used in coloring to most of the blocks and items are a…

MRPack v2.5.2 128×128

By Madeas Gaming

MRPack v2.5.2 128×128 is a version of the texture pack, adapted to build a world in the style of the Middle Ages in the game minecraft v1.8.9. When this package is installed, your world will be completely changed to what comes from the old world, for example, in the Middle Ages. With such a high…