RPackMG v2.6.0

Would you like to your world to look like it’s the medieval world?
I mean when you build something, but the theme and the texture of the block don’t go the same way as your thought. So, why don’t you just apply the resource pack to make it look more matched? Today, I got your back with the medieval style of the pack called RPackMG Resource Pack.

RPackMG v2.6.0 «Dark Night» is a pretty cool package of textures created by MineiM and Madeas Gaming for Minecraft version 1.10 and higher. Textures have the format 128 × 128, made in the style of the Middle Ages.

Updated to version 1.10.2

This package will appeal to lovers of dangers and adventures, because at night you can not notice or mix up down a monster with an ordinary villager, because their faces and appearance are almost identical.

Textures will look much more attractive if you use shaders.

In this package, the author tried to make some unique items, such as blocks, rods, clay, glass and other…

  • realistic textures of weapons, human and horse armor;
  • unique in its type of gui;
  • pictures are also matched to any taste and color.

Everything else you can see after installing the package.