RPackMG v2.6.4

RPackMG v2.6.4 is an addition to version 2.6.3 with changes and adding textures that appeared after the release of Minecraft v1.11

This texture package has a format of 128×128. Realism and quality of textures really justify their description — Realistic Pack.

This RPackMG Resource Pack is really good for those who would like to make their world look like medieval world. Every single thing you build will be based on that style because all the blocks and items are supposed to be this way. Even if everything will look older, but the textures are in HD which make the perfect combination!

Thanks to its properties, a free texture package will appeal to those who like danger and travel on the map. Skeletons, zombies and other mobs are well disguised, and zombie villagers are difficult to distinguish at once from ordinary villagers.

RPackMG is the only package at the moment, in which there are girls, for example, a butcher and a farmer.

This time, we added a few blocks that were not included in the version resource pack v2.6.3. We well as replaced all the paintings and added beautiful frames in style the Middle Ages.

We hope you like new pictures.

RPackMG v2.6.4 Paintings