RPackMG v2.7.0

Realistic Pack 128×128 v2.7.0 with detailed textures, designed for those who want more complex survival. With him, hostile mobs will be disguised, and zombie villagers will be much harder to distinguish from ordinary villagers.

What’s new in the RPackMG v2.7.0?

This time we decided to go the other way and divided the package into several parts. In version 1.13x, we suggest you install only those files that you need! For example, only pictures, animals and mobs, some objects, weapons etc.

RPackMG [Animals & Mobs]

This package of textures contains almost all known mobs and animals. We tried to collect all the creatures and make them as realistic as possible. Some mobs look ridiculous and familiar to many of you).

The package is suitable for installation on any device. Just download the texture package, install it on top of other packages and play for fun.

RPackMG [Paint]

This package replaces all the paintings with new ones, most of which are landscapes and castles. All images are framed by the frames presented earlier in the texture package RPackMG for the game v2.6.4 and higher. Some images have been changed and improved.

Do not forget to leave comments and your wishes.

RPackMG [Villagers & Zombie]

We want to present you a package of textures PackMG [Villiers & Zombie]. This package will make your inhabitants more realistic and similar to real people. You can install it in any order without affecting the texture of your main package. And also some mobs will also match the style of the package. Such as zombie, skeletons, spellcasters and many others.

In addition, the package includes two skins for Alex and Steve. We hope your like them.